eco chair 12

furniture design

When I had a drawing, I wanted to try something real in scale 1:1 – where I can sit & test dimensions and angles. There was only 1 week left until the end of the study year. Wood workshop masters suggested me to try turning the wood instead of mockup. So, I did.


This was the amount of solid birch needed.


Tuning using the turning-copy machine. 


Turned details for the chair. My first experience in doing this!


Innovative way, how to connect details – tape! Ok, I just wanted to check the dimensions without spoiling details…

my sofa 12

furniture design, mockup

For having as much as close impression to the real sofa, I made a mock-up in scale 1:1. The metal parts are made of the steel – as they are supposed to be for the real sofa, but the upholstered parts are board boxes.  Even if it is not very comfortable, it really gives a feeling of the real dimensions and I am satisfied with the result & hope some day to test the soft version!




sofa 056