Foldable headboards bed

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It feels a bit strange to write about product that is on a market more than two years, but still. Maybe the story behind it can inspire someone. In summer of 2012 in the Heavens upholstery factory we started to working on a foldable headboards bed.

photo 6

From the very beginning I had the idea in my mind that there is a need to use stretch fabric for this design to support the folding and to make upholstery fabric’s patterns .

And for the first mock-ups we already used stretch fabrics.

To find the most appropriate one, I visited Innofa factory (now Innofa upholstery fabrics are produced under the new new brand name – Febric) in the Netherlands and chose collection Knit fabric for the front part of the headboard and  collection Twill for the back. Actually, at first I wanted to emphasise more the back, but my boyfriend at that time, Charles Bourrier, suggested to do an opposite. After a small argument, I agreed.

photo 7

The first idea was to make  two independent headboards with a slight angle at sides, but, when making the first mock-up in 1:1 scale, I realized headboards should be angled towards each other.



Working on different stages of this bed I sometimes felt that it will end up nowhere – reality looked so different from sketches and drawings. Even the stretch fabric was not working as I was expecting. And for moving details it was not enough just to stretch it around them. Here appeared a need for small folds.

photo 2

But I also understood that sometimes the magic happens with small adjustments and kind of “meditation” around the unfinished piece. Yes, it is needed to take your time & work on details.


I am very thankful for Heavens technicians and masters for patience and capability to look for solutions and never give up.

photo 8


eco chair 9

furniture design, mockup

I was really impressed bu Vidzemes krēsls (Vidzeme chair – eng) and understood, that it would be great to create some kind of contemporary version of it.

As the base I wanted to use this chair:


I was thinking about it in terms of sustainability & the triangle – economy, ecology & equity. I understood that in terms of ecology the chair is relevant, as it is locally produced, from natural materials and long lasting. That what could be added, to make it more suitable for nowadays would be to make it stacking and more loose sitting position. I wanted to do the UPGRADING for the traditional chair.


So, I wanted to try, how it works  and made few scale models:


This was the stacking version. Actually 1/2 stacking, only…


This was just the version with different angle.

Even if I have been thinking quite a lot about eco chair until now and had many ideas about it, looking at my ugly scale models I felt that it is not working like that. It is not possible just to add new qualities to the existing chair. The only thing I could say after our meeting with course mates & teachers was: I should continue…

But – how ?

my sofa 12

furniture design, mockup

For having as much as close impression to the real sofa, I made a mock-up in scale 1:1. The metal parts are made of the steel – as they are supposed to be for the real sofa, but the upholstered parts are board boxes.  Even if it is not very comfortable, it really gives a feeling of the real dimensions and I am satisfied with the result & hope some day to test the soft version!




sofa 056