eco chair 16

furniture design


It was not easy to convince Latvian wood – turning company that it is really needed to make a chair like this. They said it is too complicated and is not rational at all. But finally they did it.


Start of the weaving the surface.


Knots probably were the most tricky. After this week of “weaving”, my fingers are experienced!

eco chair 13

furniture design

School year was over, but not the eco chair.

I was changing my location to more greener place.

And more primitive working conditions – dad’s garage!


I made a mockup from something I could find there for testing dimensions, positions of the horizontal details, proportions & ergonomics. The mockup was totally adjustable, I liked it!



Somebody said  that it looks like a new grilling machine…

eco chair 12

furniture design

When I had a drawing, I wanted to try something real in scale 1:1 – where I can sit & test dimensions and angles. There was only 1 week left until the end of the study year. Wood workshop masters suggested me to try turning the wood instead of mockup. So, I did.


This was the amount of solid birch needed.


Tuning using the turning-copy machine. 


Turned details for the chair. My first experience in doing this!


Innovative way, how to connect details – tape! Ok, I just wanted to check the dimensions without spoiling details…