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my sofa 13

To demonstrate the system I made scale models 1:5 I enjoyed so much choosing colours at the art shop and painting wooden pieces. Probably my backround of Riga School of Art and Design is the reason.


small 2

scale model 1

scale model 4

scale model 5


my sofa 12

For having as much as close impression to the real sofa, I made a mock-up in scale 1:1. The metal parts are made of the steel – as they are supposed to be for the real sofa, but the upholstered parts are board boxes.  Even if it is not very comfortable, it really gives a feeling of the real dimensions and I am satisfied with the result & hope some day to test the soft version!




sofa 056

my sofa 11

When the general dimensions are quite clear, there comes the detailing. And the joints. In this case it was important to find the relevant solution for connecting the sitting part and the back or the horizontal & the vertical surface. After few consultations I found the solution which is quite simple to make and strong enough.