eco chair 16

furniture design


It was not easy to convince Latvian wood – turning company that it is really needed to make a chair like this. They said it is too complicated and is not rational at all. But finally they did it.


Start of the weaving the surface.


Knots probably were the most tricky. After this week of “weaving”, my fingers are experienced!

eco chair 15

furniture design


The reed were drying in the attic for 2 weeks.


I thought these would be the proper tools for starting the weaving.


To make the reed stronger, I had to twist 2 of them together.


From the day until the late night – it twisting took more time than I expected…It turned out that I need around 200 twisted pieces…when I had good practice, I could make 12 per hour…Thanks to Stase, Katrīna and Madara for help!