my chair 18

furniture design

There are more than two month passed since I started to design my chair. As the study assessment it is finished (the time is over). So I can say that in this stage it is finished.


There is my chair among chairs of other course-mates. If I have to describe result, I can say that there are many things I am satisfied about:

  1. the chair is quite small & light, but at the same time very comfortable (but the comfort is smth i can not describe)
  2. the backrest is flexible, its the way how specific of the material is used.

But there are still things I am not satisfied:

  1. perspective makes wrong impression of legs (looks like trapezoid, even if they are parallel)
  2. the pillow is “do it yourself” & a professor Simo Heikkila said that “grandma’s connection”in the backside is not ok.

These are things I should think about…and, of corse, the prototype, made in vacuum bag is not as strong as it should be for normal usage.


But is is possible to sit! My Japanese course-mate Taka said that he can even fall asleep!

& I still don’t have any normal quality pictures. So tired I am after last weeks & final critics.

my chair 17

furniture design

To make the chair as comfortable as it was supposed, there is one missing detail – A PILLOW for head support. That’s quite small thing, but the difference it makes – is so big. I was searching, what great designers have done with this.


There are some examples of Le Corbusier, Eames, Pouve, Mathsson.


I started my version with mockup. To understand the size, softness, proportions etc…


& than the real thing. I haven’t done any sewing for some years. And that seemed so strange, although thats more natural for female than sawing. Mayb.


Thats my pillow! It’s worth to try it!