my chair 2

furniture design, mockup

The mockup 1:1

I needed something to see, what is needed for comfortable sitting. I had to make an adjustable mockup, where is possible to change angles of the backrest and the height of a sitting surface.

A practice in carpentry is not every girls everyday. But I have made smth I can sit on. To sit and think. About sitting, of course.

my chair 1

furniture design

Two weeks ago I have started to design a chair. The first one in my life. That is a part of my studies in MA program at University of Art & Design Helsinki.

Chair definitely is considered as one of the most complicated pieces of furniture. Thats a challenge for a designer. There are so many good chairs in the world. And also bad. Let’s see how is going to be mine.

In this picture there is a comparison of comfortable positions between me (height 1.56) and my course mate Anita Johansen (height 1.83). There are some differences and similarities what are important for designing a chair.