Bachelor’s Bed

furniture design, latvian design

In summer 2011 my boss came up with the idea that should make a low leather bed. Luckily that week a quality natural leather distributor came to the Nakts Mēbeles showroom for a presentation. That was a good start for designing a new collection.
Firstly I made overall sketches how furniture might look like.

Somehow the idea of a “bachelors bed” was in my mind. Something similar to ageing leather couch that is one of the most reliable friends of the real bachelor. Also for the drawer chest I wanted to keep the simplicity in the design, more focusing on volumes and material, not going into details as handles.

After that we made several mockups and detail tryouts in the upholstery factory.

Meanwhile I was drawing other furniture pieces of the collection: a nightstand, 3 drawer chests and a dressing table.
For my feminine part of a designer it was special to think – what are the qualities for a dressing table that are important for me? It is to see myself very well and to have enough space for legs, while sitting at the mirror. These functions I was implementing in the design.

Choice of the materials for other furniture of the collection was mainly influenced by the pull up aniline leather we used for the bed. American walnut plus oak stained wenge is a classy, but not a boring choice.
Collection was finished by Nakts Mēbeles and is a collection of the year 2012. Have heard some people saying that “this looks Italian”, but it is all designed and made in Latvia. And finding its place at homes now. Interesting, if there is any any bachelor who owns this bed already?