my chair 12

furniture design

Today was THE DAY, when i could try the pressing. Steps of the process were these:


At first I was mixing a glue. As my course mate Anita said, the consistence should be as a pancake dough:) Danish, probably!


Then came ply covering with the glue.


Fixing ply to the mold.


The mold was putted in a vacuum bag for pressing ply. The pressure is the bag is around 7kg/1cm2.


The vacuum bag with the mold should be kept in oven with 50*C for 2 hours.


After 2 hours I got this! The whole shape was quite close to expected.


But there are some unavoidable defects. Seems that I have to do pressing once again…

my chair 9

furniture design

I have started to do a mold. At least to prepare for that. Actually that is more complicated as I have been thinking. There should be taken in an account that plywood is changing when bent, so I had to add some extra degrees to the curve. It is quite extremely, because my precise previous work now is changed.


Endings of the bent part are quite important. So there should be double details for squeezing a plywood piece. This is quite challenging – will the system work as supposed ?