flex mattress

latvian design

What could be the ideal mattress?
To put our dreams together product development team of Nakts Mēbeles defined our dream mattress:

  • Ergonomic – for providing healthy sleeping conditions
  • Good air-circulation – to guarantee right micro climate
  • Easy washable  – usually it is impossible to clean mattress, possibility to clean them by a user would extend life spam of the mattress
  • Fits to adjustable beds  – transformable beds are becoming more and more popular due to the aging of the society in Europe
  • Recyclable – to use materials that can be recycled

For fulfilling these dreams we did a material research and found that 3d mesh fits well to our concept. This material is available in several thicknesses and densities what allows to create proper comfort levels for different users, as comfort relies on weight, size and sleeping habits of the user.

Functional qualities of this material:

  • Extremely high air distribution in all directions – even under pressure
  • Soft cushioning effect
  • Excellent recovery
  • High shock absorption
  • Very low weight
  • Recyclable
  • Long product life
  • Comfort surface feel
  • Better alternative for textiles, foam-, net-, lining- and flowing-materials of all kinds

We also decided to use Airvent that I describe in previous post.

Functional qualities of this material:

  • Compared to current double-knits of the same weight 100% better ventilation possible.The use of so called air grids makes it possible to ventilate the mattress as desired.
  • The air grids can create a kind of ’natural‘ ventilation; as we toss and turn during our sleep, the mattress is ’automatically‘ aired.
  • Regulation of humidity and temperature.
  • Creates a healthy sleep environment thanks to improved ventilation. A poorly aired mattress causes accumulation of humidity which increases the chance of harmful substances like bacteria, mold and mites. And this can result in various health problems like headache, sore throat, allergy and asthma
  • High-grade yarns used

And a zipper for easy removable cover

To find right density from these materials and high pocket springs we had many experiment sessions and tests of finished prototypes.

At the end we developed 2 types of mattresses and a topper.

Dynamic Flex
The central core of the mattress consists of pocket springs that are covered with several soft layers of smart cushioning 3d material to support body and provide right ergonomics. The cover is also made of 3d mesh material to have deep ventilation.

Elastic Flex
Elastic Flex mattress is lightweight and all made of smart cushioning 3d material. It provides good ergonomics, is all through ventilated for the healthy sleeping environment. The cover and the core are easy to clean.

Top Flex
Top Flex topper gives an extra sleeping comfort. It is perfect ventilated due to the central core that is made of 3 d material and outer layer that is made of especially designed soft knitted material with ventilation grids.The inner part is available in different densities. Easy to remove cover.

I wish people to dream more about a good mattress. And to do a sustainable choice when buying one.