Foldable headboards bed

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It feels a bit strange to write about product that is on a market more than two years, but still. Maybe the story behind it can inspire someone. In summer of 2012 in the Heavens upholstery factory we started to working on a foldable headboards bed.

photo 6

From the very beginning I had the idea in my mind that there is a need to use stretch fabric for this design to support the folding and to make upholstery fabric’s patterns .

And for the first mock-ups we already used stretch fabrics.

To find the most appropriate one, I visited Innofa factory (now Innofa upholstery fabrics are produced under the new new brand name – Febric) in the Netherlands and chose collection Knit fabric for the front part of the headboard and  collection Twill for the back. Actually, at first I wanted to emphasise more the back, but my boyfriend at that time, Charles Bourrier, suggested to do an opposite. After a small argument, I agreed.

photo 7

The first idea was to make  two independent headboards with a slight angle at sides, but, when making the first mock-up in 1:1 scale, I realized headboards should be angled towards each other.



Working on different stages of this bed I sometimes felt that it will end up nowhere – reality looked so different from sketches and drawings. Even the stretch fabric was not working as I was expecting. And for moving details it was not enough just to stretch it around them. Here appeared a need for small folds.

photo 2

But I also understood that sometimes the magic happens with small adjustments and kind of “meditation” around the unfinished piece. Yes, it is needed to take your time & work on details.


I am very thankful for Heavens technicians and masters for patience and capability to look for solutions and never give up.

photo 8