Latvian bed

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My love towards faceted items finally could find a purpose. And also Latvian attachment to the oak. For me furniture of this wood has always seemed very heavy and thorough, however exactly oak is material Latvians love to choose for their homes. Probably it comes from the past when families were gathering around same oak table for generations. And using same oak beds for generations. Also on the Latvian money we had an oak tree. Now Latvian money is gone, but oak is still in our hearts.


Heavens technologists firstly weren’t happy seeing small faceted corners in my plasticine model of the corner.  I did not keep even picture of it. Plasticine models always look so ugly because of the stickiness of the material. But the main thing that it does it’s job.

photo 1 copy

But at the end it turned out to be possible. To tell the truth, working with the wild oak is quite tricky – even if grooves are covered with special putty – you never know what will it’s movements.


It is still a wild oak.


We had different versions for the night tables, but turned out that a very compact solution goes the best with the bed design.

photo 3

The solid wood appears nicely on faceted corners. Even if, traditionally the end wood should not be visible in finished furniture, nowadays it has become a prove of solid wood furniture.



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