eco chair 13

furniture design

School year was over, but not the eco chair.

I was changing my location to more greener place.

And more primitive working conditions – dad’s garage!


I made a mockup from something I could find there for testing dimensions, positions of the horizontal details, proportions & ergonomics. The mockup was totally adjustable, I liked it!



Somebody said  that it looks like a new grilling machine…


2 thoughts on “eco chair 13

  1. hello, your designs look interesting.

    Im working on a degree: BA of industrial design, at university in Gävle, Sweden. And i am searching the wooden world for interesting examination-project/work.

    Do you have any ideas for a project? Know any people in productive furniture companies? or a collaboration of some kind?

    1. Hi,
      It is not so easy to understand, what are your plans or ideas just by seeing your website.
      I think it would be easier for you to collaborate with some local company, so that it is easier to proceed the project.
      It would also help to have your strong point, what kind of innovations you want to base your. (Technological, Ecological, User-centered).
      Best regards, Elina

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