eco chair 7

furniture design

After researching reed chairs in Latvia, I was interested to take a look in other parts of the World. And here is, what I found:


Rush – seated chairs, England, mid 18th century


Ch. R. Mackintosh, Chairs for Tea rooms, 1903


Ruca Meda RIESIEDO 1990-1991, Molteni&C.Giussano

world _05

Hans J. Wegner Y CHAIR 1950, Carl Hansen & Son

Thanks to our Furniture course’s trip to Fiskars, I had  an opportunity to try  sitting in this chair! And it was …  good  !


Tom Dixon, S CHAIR 1988, Capellini

Quite many different versions, seems that wiewed surfaces is a longlasting, ergonominc and effiecient way to create the sitting surface for the chair. And that is something I would like to have for my own eco chair.

Pictures from the book  1000 chairs by Ch. & P. Fiell


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