eco chair 9

furniture design, mockup

I was really impressed bu Vidzemes krēsls (Vidzeme chair – eng) and understood, that it would be great to create some kind of contemporary version of it.

As the base I wanted to use this chair:


I was thinking about it in terms of sustainability & the triangle – economy, ecology & equity. I understood that in terms of ecology the chair is relevant, as it is locally produced, from natural materials and long lasting. That what could be added, to make it more suitable for nowadays would be to make it stacking and more loose sitting position. I wanted to do the UPGRADING for the traditional chair.


So, I wanted to try, how it works  and made few scale models:


This was the stacking version. Actually 1/2 stacking, only…


This was just the version with different angle.

Even if I have been thinking quite a lot about eco chair until now and had many ideas about it, looking at my ugly scale models I felt that it is not working like that. It is not possible just to add new qualities to the existing chair. The only thing I could say after our meeting with course mates & teachers was: I should continue…

But – how ?


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