eco seat 5

furniture design

I decided to try something more-chair looking. Version where the structure of the chair is made out of metal, but parts, where the comfort is more needed – from reed. I made few 1:5 sale models



Scale models looked quite nice, but there was a quite big contradiction. Life spam of the metal is long, but the reed I have used are very fragile. Of course, there cound be a changanble parts, but that is not very handy.

And…my teachers mentioned that reed is not related to the structure of the chair. Instead of that there could be any other material. May be I should leave this type of reed for the beautiful roofs and use the other, Lake Reed. As in the Mediterranean Chairs….and that type of reed  (Jarvikaisla – fin/ Ezera meldrs – lv) also is local material.

Ok. Seemed that I have to find out more about this material.


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